I've never been to vegas as an adult...

Yes, I said it. So I jumped the opportunity the minute I found out that my best friend and her family would host me and my husband at their Vegas hotel for the weekend. It was truly a great weekend filled with sight seeing, a ton of walking, and eating. I probably averaged about 20k steps a day that weekend, which is unheard of in my world of lack-of-fitness.

I pitched to Stacey the idea of doing a shoot on the strip with her husband at night and doing some fun flash photography and she was instantly down - this is the kind of energy and enthusiasm I crave on the daily. We started at Cesar's Palace front fountain and walked and explored the areas where the large LED screens were to play with the lighting. I think at the end of the day, considering this was technically my first time playing with flash photography - I knocked it out of the park! Shout out to Stacey and Pierson for being game for my crazy ideas, not to mention, going all out with the snazzy outfits.

I am 100% here for any couples that would like to include me in their travel itinerary and get some portraits done! So for all you couples out there reading this ---- I'm just manifesting that out in the universe - because why not. Anything is possible!