Mr and Mrs Smith...

I met Aubrey and Jahleel back in August during the Smith Family portrait session. It wasn't till towards the end that I spoke to Aubrey and found out that she was Jahleel's girlfriend at the time. So as a typical family session set up usually goes- she was not included in any of the photos. AND I EMPATHIZE. I remember those years where I was not part of the family portraits back in the day before my husband and I got I get it girl! But I can't remember if I spoke a lot with her during that moment, but I remember snapping her photo at the end. I figured as someone in charge of holding purses and hats, she must at least be featured with a photo.

I guess that was all it took! Aubrey reached out to me in October inquiring to book me for their wedding so we met and sat down at a coffee shop. We talked about wedding planning, what their love story was, and how Jahleel had proposed. Which by the way, if anyone gets a chance to meet these two - that is definitely something that should be asked. I won't even bother going into detail here about it. It's something you have to see for yourself!

Aubrey's vision was clear for their engagement session - Mr and Mrs Smith (yes just like Brad and Angelina). It was the absolute perfect theme and Pioneer Square was the perfect backdrop for us. We met up at King Street Station and warmed up (literally warmed up as it was freezing outside) with a few shots in there. The architecture of this building is something to be admired by everyone and I was lucky enough to not have any issues shooting at the mezzanine up top. We didn't get to shoot at the actual station downstairs unfortunately as the security guard that day was not so friendly. I'll be back though, one day.

It was a beautiful December Saturday and the skies were blue and the sun was shining and it was a glorious 34 degree day. But you can't quite tell can you? It looks like a summer day in Seattle, and it was definitely not. We were in reality freezing. It literally snowed the night before! But these kids were absolutely troopers for committing to their outfits and braving the cold. Luckily Aubrey had an outfit change that was a bit warmer than her first attire. I had brought my pop-up tent with me so she could change with discretion, but little did we know we were going to set up her changing corner in an alleyway. But we braved it and power in numbers for our group as we had our handy hubs with us that day. Nothing like a true city adventure I say!

We even managed to find an actual clean alley way in Pioneer Square to shoot their champagne spray shot, And that my friend is a gem.