So you have officially booked...Now What?

Now we chat and collaborate in making your dream session with me a reality! I usually like to start with - what is your vision and what are we wearing? Are we shooting in a studio? Are we keeping it classic or casual? Are we getting dressed up for a glam sesh or are we talking a walk at a park. Portrait outfits can really set the tone of your session. Not only does it convey a specific language, but it can also help you get comfortable being in front of the camera. Wearing the right clothes can make a difference in your body language which speaks volume! Below is my guide to a simple outfit planning that is tried and true for all my portraits!

Lights and neutrals

Sticking to a clean palette that is light and neutral goes a long way. Most often we are photographing outdoors with a lot of contrasting colors and textures. Wearing whites and light browns really help ground the overall look, making you pop against a busy backdrop.

black and whites - the classic

Is black and white your typical look? It is a classic look that is timeless and elegant. Not to mention, this is my personal favorite for a color palette! Pair your white tops with black pants, or even dark grays. Mixing different textures such as cottons, with a layered cardigan or denim jacket helps create depth and interest to a very simple and minimalistic look.

blues, navy and khakis

This palette is one of the most popular color palettes with my client! Not only is this so easy and accusable for most, but its also the most versatile. A wide range of blues allows clients to skew either light or dark. Pair dark navy pants with a nice white top for the men. While the ladies can even pair a chambray dress with a nice khaki pair of sandals or booties.

Remember: whatever you choose,

you will be perfect and beautiful!