What to expect when working with me?

I love working couples, engaged or not, families, and individuals that want to get creative when it comes to their portrait session. I thrive in a welcoming environment where I support you in whatever life stage you might be in. If you just got engaged, then I will be your ultimate hype person! If you are an expecting mama - then I will make you feel like a goddess during your maternity session. Are we a family looking to make memories? Then I am your go-to documentarian ready to capture the laughs and giggles in between all the melt-downs.

My main top priorities when working with clients:

  • Open communication with you from start to finish
  • Helping you through styling and making sure we curate the perfect outfits for everyone
  • Scouting and guiding you the best locations for your session with me
  • Making sure that you are completely comfortable with me every step of the way

Some tips to get ready for your session with me:

Beauty Sleep

Get that 8 hours babe! Sleep is so critical to feeling refreshed when it comes to you closeup!


So, before you strike a pose, grab that water bottle and hydrate like it's your job. Your future self, looking back at those stunning photos, will thank you. Hydration is the backstage pass to photoshoot success, and you're about to steal the show!


When your skin feels good, you feel good. Moisturizing isn't just a skincare routine; it's a self-love ritual that boosts your confidence and empowers you to rock that photoshoot like the star you are.


Props add an extra layer of interest to your photos, creating a visually dynamic composition. Whether it's a vibrant bouquet of flowers, vintage books, or personalized items, props can transform an ordinary scene into a personalized experience and imagery!

Now that you have officially booked

I will be reaching out to you in the next few days/weeks to chat about your ideal location if we haven't nailed that yet. Once location is set, I will discuss with you ideal outfits and looks that would best work for your session. Not sure about something, shoot me an e-mail! Let's bounce ideas, collaborate and have fun making memories together.

Check out a few of my guides below that breaks down the three important elements when doing a photoshoot!