Golden Hour

Capturing light, feelings & moments takes into consideration when in the day you take your photos

Golden Hour is often thrown around by photographers and this might a phrase that you are familiar with, but golden hour is the ideal time that most photographers prefer to shoot. It's a small window - about 1.5 hour before the sun sets. The sun is low just enough to soften the shadows around your location, creating a beautiful warm glow. Not only does it create a romantic soft glow around everything, but it also creates a soft source of light.

Full Bright Direct Sun


Bright and direct sun is always challenging, but this lighting is something that is making its way into photo trends.

Photographers will always go for shade. Why? It avoids the harsh shadows that land on our faces from the harsh bright sun that we get when shooting midday. But playing with shadows and embracing the full sun can be a creative challenge. And I love a good creative challenge! So if you are up for playing with shadows, harsh lines, then midday sun might be for you!

Fall/WINTER Sessions:

Overcast days are great for sessions that are scheduled earlier in the day.

Overcast + Cloudy

I love good cloudy day. In fact when clouds roll in on a summer day, most photographers praise the skies! Clouds are Earth's natural soft boxes. Think of it as a giant diffuser that scatters the light from the sun. It creates beautiful soft light all over so you don't get any shadows anywhere! Seattle/PNW weather caters the best for this type of look so luckily we have