Justin and Amanda had asked me to photograph them and their growing family at their Renton home. The space was the formal living room with absolutely beautiful windows that bring in so much light to the space. It was truly the perfect setting a photographer could ever hope for untill you throw in the chaos of a toddler's tantrum, along with 2 energetic dogs, and 2 very, very tired parents. But we made it work - and the pay off was worth it.

I won't sit here and lie and say home sessions are easy because they are far from it.

Not only are they challenging to me as I never really know what the state of the home will be. I worry that the home will be a complete disaster. I worry that the windows and light won't be enough and everything will be dark inside. I get anxious about making sure that the space does not take away from the families that I am about to capture. But these intimate sessions have a hold on me and I don't have words to describe the feeling of euphoria and accomplishment after each home session. Because at the end of the day, doing our best is the only the thing we can do as photographers. We can only truly just capture what is in front of us without the bells and whistles of the outside world. At home, in their own spaces, families can be their true selves and that is simply where the authenticity radiates.

There is something so truly raw when clients let you in their home to document their life as it is right that very moment.

The trust that they put on me as they lay it all bare for me to see and capture with my camera is truly astounding. I am forever grateful to my families that choose me to be the person they allow themselves to be vulnerable. Life can't always be posed the way we want it to. And it really shouldn't have to be.