So you just booked me for your wedding...

...And now we are getting ready for your upcoming engagement session! First of, congrats love birds. I am absolutely thrilled to be starting this beautiful journey with you. Let's break down some of the key basics to keep in mind when prepping for your engagement session with me.


After we go over your vision and ideal location, we will then start to plan and brainstorm for your outfits. When considering outfit planning. Check out my handy outfit guide here! Comfort is always my priority so whatever outfit you decide on, make sure its a look you will feel comfortable and beautiful in!


If this is your first time getting professional photos, then you might have heard from the grapevine that its very easy to look washed out in photos.

So how do you combat this? Going a little heavier on your regular makeup look goes a long way! If you don't normally wear makeup, then a little bit of mascara and tinted lip and cheek will go a long way. A little bit of eyebrow fill can also really help frame your face. If you have been on a hunt for wedding day makeup looks, this is the perfect time to schedule your wedding day trial!

Making sure that grooming is also taken into consideration - don't forget to trim those beards boys! Don't forget that the unibrow won't be touched up on Photoshop, so make sure that facial grooming is on lock. Prepping your skin is equally important too! Hydrating and moisturizing goes a long way in making sure that your skin is glowing!

Check out this amazing article from BRIDES!


If you have been wearing your ring since getting engaged, then its likely that your ring has been through some wear and debris. I recommend that you pop into the jewelers and get it serviced for some cleaning!

Check out this handy article from The Knot on how to clean that bling!

Pack a bag!

Here are some things to include in your engagement session bag:

  • Additional outfits (if you plan on wearing more than one)
  • Flats or flip-flops for walking between photo spots
  • Makeup for touch-ups
  • A bottle of water (for warmer sessions)
  • Coat or cover-up (for colder sessions)

  • Money for parking fees (if applicable)
  • Something personal: Whether it’s flowers, a bottle of champagne, or a blanket. Incorporating just one extra styled item, could be a fun way to make your session more unique and personal!

Its time for your engagement session and you are nervous...

The best tip I have is...pretend I'm not there and just do your thing!

Often times couples get too self conscious when it comes to their photoshoot. This session might actually be the first time you step foot in front of a camera. And that's ok. The biggest tip(s) I have for couples is to completely pretend I don't exist. And to mind the gaps .

BE IN LOVE. Kiss. Hug. Laugh. The more you act naturally with each other, the more authentic the moments that I capture between you two. Being mindful of the gaps that happen between your bodies dramatically help with your photos. Essentially making sure that your bodies are always attached in some form or other gives a sense of intimacy and that is what we want during your session. This is your time to be intimate - there's nobody else around us but us babes!

But that's easier said than done right? So let me walk you through some posing that I typically run through when it comes to my couples!

Pose #1:

Stand and face each other

A super basic pose - the couple will face each other. One partner will either place their hands on the their partner's chest, and the other will place their hands their partner's waist.

Key to success in pulling off any prompts or posing is the constant movement. If you start with a hand on the waist, after a minute - feel free to move it to your partners face. Gently caress their face and lean in for a kiss. After that, slightly move your head to their chest. Partner leans in for a forehead kiss. The possibilities are endless with this 1 simple pose!



Eyes closed

Looking at camera

Looking at each other

Kiss on the forehead

Leaning in for an almost-kiss (kissing with your teeth)


Walking pose

Walking either towards the camera or away from the camera is a great way to get natural movement captured. You can be silly and giggle and laugh out loud and it will always translate well in photos! Make sure you chat with your partner. Even if its just about your newest grocery list, its ok! I promise I wont hear.


Walking side by side, body to body

Walking holding hands, alternate looking at each other and at camera

Walk and bump hips


bear hug

This prompt/pose is usually the one that gets the most laughs and giggles out of all my couples. The prompt is the taller partner will stand behind the shorter partner and bear hug them from behind. Shorter partner will then try to wiggle out of that bear hug as much as they can. Often times, at the end, everyone is just laughing, including me and we end up with the most genuine laughter and smiles on camera.


big spoon + little spoon

This is a funny title for this pose, but its the best name I can give it! The prompt is super basic and similar to standing pose, except we are facing the same direction. Shortest partner will stand in the front, and taller partner will hold their partner in front of them.

The key to this pose is keeping those hands busy. Make sure you are constantly touching you partner. Play with their hands and keep that physical connection alive!


Looking at opposite directions

Looking at the same direction

Looking up or down at your partner

Eye closed, top of the head kiss