Hi My name is Celene

It's truly weird to have to sit here and write a blog post about myself. For one, I never really know what to share about me that's so interesting. I always considered myself as average. I don't truly believe that I superior in any aspect of my being, whether it be my skills, my looks, or my personality. Most of the time, I'm content at home, repotting plants and vacumming my home for the 4th time because of my 2 shedding dogs or binging something on Netflix. To my core, I am a couch potato with high functioning anxiety. I will spend hours watching TV and not do anything but be anxious about all the things I should be doing...yeah....that's me.

I do love to hype things. Especially celebrations, milestones, accomplishments - the works. Maybe that's why I've always used photography as my medium. I am never without a camera or better yet, I never miss to take a photo. You know that friend that stops the whole table from diving into their food? That's me. You know that person that always needs a group photo before we leave an event? Thats me. Annoying I know. Which is why I've decided... I should build a business out of taking photos of people and their life!

Portraits by @jcguzmanphoto